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Welcome to The Great British Barber Revolution!

Great British Barber was created with both the professional barber and their clients in mind.

Great Britain has reinvented the word ‘barber’ — the resurgence in men’s tailoring has kick-started a revolution in hair and beard styling, and created a quest for perfection in the art of grooming, fades, grading and quiffs.

Texture, beards and body art are an everyday part of men’s high fashion needs and the Great British Barber is the master of this trade.

We offer a range of wholesale hair and barber products designed to cater for all styling, finishing and grooming needs — a ‘real’ range in touch with today’s styles, dry finish, volume and individuality.

Who are our team?

The Masters and Makers are a hand-picked team of experienced, professional, and commercial barbers from across the UK. Led by Simon Ostler, the commercial guru behind the TIGI brand, committed to delivering an always evolving range that delivers the performance you demand at a price point that is highly competitive.


Creators of a range of salon hair products designed and formulated on the barber floors of Britain, scrutinized and tested to perfection in performance and classic yet modern in design.

Barber supplies that are tailor-made in the UK by British barbers to meet the new wave in barbering and men’s grooming and addressing the true needs of today’s modern barber.

Who are we for?

The new Great British Barber range offers today’s modern-classic barber a succinct range of 7 products that answers the demanding needs of their clients, at a price point (£9.95) that’s affordable to all.

This is a range truly accessible to all clients (hey, you don’t even need to be male to wear Great British Barber – as our campaign models show, with the increasing trend in short hair for the girls we know Great British Barber will do the trick in answering all male or female haircare demands). We are excited to work with the very best barber shops and salons across the UK and at Great British Barber we pride ourselves that none of our products are tested on animals and all products are tailor-made in the UK.